Heats like the sun!

Economic, Environmental Friendly and Healthy Heat!

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Feel the heat from our Lava series!

Optimal Heat radiation with effects from 1400W to 2300W.
Developed to give you heat up to 10 meters distance.

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Enjoy the warmth from Opranic

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Opranic Pro Aqua – Brings comfort under parasols

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Opranic Pro Supra – High intensity infrared heater

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Opranic Pro Supra – Efficiently heating large areas

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Heat Efficiency

Opranic develops and produces our own technology and key components, which results in excellent performance and efficacy with good quality and longevity. The unique medium wave infrared technology from Opranic is known for very good heat reproduction. Medium wave at 2.4 microns (micrometres) have a very good absorption of most objects and radiates heat at long distances. It provides a soft, restful orange and has a much softer and more pleasant light than many other techniques. It heats objects directly without heating the air in the environment, which avoids energy waste and maintains humidity. Opranic medium wave infrared radiation is relaxing and has a healthy stimulating effect on blood circulation.

Energy Efficient

Opranic Infrared heats in the same way as our sun. It heats objects directly without heating the air in the environment, which avoids energy waste, more than 90% are given to the heat. Compared to traditional heating systems Opranic infrared systems are up to more than 80% efficient. Because of ever increasing energy prices and the risk of environmental pollution caused by fossil fuels such as LPG heaters, the new alternative heating methods increasingly important. Heating with electricity is the only energy source that has no waste, do not pollute the environment, which can be obtained from renewable sources.

Areas of Usage

Opranic Infrared is used for efficient heating of indoor and outdoor environments where extra warmth is needed, such as warehouses, waiting rooms, garages, train halls, patios, beer gardens, terraces, balconies, docks or other demanding environments. Through the unique medium wave technology at 2.4 microns (micrometres) can Opranic infrared heaters be used in general anywhere where extra heat is requested, or where heat loss is big.

The principle of infrared heating

The sun produces infrared radiation and these invisible rays are converted into heat when they are absorbed by objects, having travelled through the space and air. When infrared waves touch a surface, heat energy is released regardless of the surrounding air temperature. The best way to understand this is to experience the warmth of the sun on a cold winter day. When sun comes out, you instantly feel the heat of the sun, so do all objects around you, which all picks up the heat and radiate back and the temperature rises. This heat is a product of a completely safe spectrum of light that is invisible to our eyes.

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