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Advantages with indoor infrared heating

Efficient indoor infrared heating provides a superior approach to warmth. Instead of wasting energy on heating the air like traditional heaters, our technology directly radiates heat waves to people and objects, ensuring minimal heat loss and a cozy indoor environment.


The process of heating all the air in the room with a conventional heater is inefficient. Heating all the air takes more time and energy than infrared heating. With conventional radiators, a lot of energy is lost because little warm air reaches people.

Although part of the heat waves also heats the surrounding air, infrared heating works mainly on heating the objects directly. Air does not have a high mass. Heat waves transfer their thermal energy mainly to objects in space, such as people, furniture and other objects with higher mass. This method differs from traditional heaters such as gas heaters or electric air heaters.

Electric heating with infrared brings instant and versatile heat, especially in places that do not require constant heating. By heating with infrared, they provide quick heat through direct heat waves and make you warmer in minutes.

Infrared heaters are also allergy-friendly, as they do not circulate air and dust that could disturb allergens. This is a good option for people with allergies. In addition, these electric radiators operate with absolutely no greenhouse gas emissions, which makes them environmentally friendly heating solutions.

p5 series infrared heaters opranic

Instant and versatile heat

Infrared electric heaters are excellent sources of instant and versatile heat, especially in places that do not require continuous heating. These heating panels can also serve as an additional heater to save energy while providing targeted heat. Infrared heating floor standing devices work well because they heat in a direct and focused way. This helps to save energy, enables even heat distribution and prevents heat loss. This makes infrared heating panels a cost-effective and efficient choice for heating solutions.

Opranic P5 series infrared heaters with chair

Longer lasting heat

Even when the infrared radiators are turned off, the heat still radiates from the walls and floors. This is because heated objects give off heat according to the radiation principle. The ability of infrared heat to produce long-lasting heat without active energy consumption contributes to its efficiency.

Opranic - P-series even heat


OPRANIC heating wire technology prevents the formation of dangerous hot spots and ensures an even distribution of radiant heat. With high-quality heating resistors embedded both on the entire surface and on the outer edges of the infrared heater, OPRANIC infrared electric heaters offer energy-saving yet exceptional performance.

Opranic panel heaters radiation

Efficient direct heat waves

Warm air can escape from a room through open doors, windows and drafts. This causes heat loss and the need for constant heating for conventional heating. Warm air also tends to rise, resulting in uneven temperature distribution throughout the room. Most of the heat accumulates near the ceiling, while the lower areas remain cooler. In contrast, infrared panel heaters emit infrared waves that directly heat objects and people in their area. This focused radiant heat method heats directly without heating all the air, making it more efficient and energy saving. Even in drafty rooms, infrared heaters remain effective because solid objects store the received heat, ensuring minimal energy waste.



  • Quick Warmth: Direct heat emission ensures immediate comfort.
  • Zone Control: Install in specific areas for energy conservation.
  • Energy-Saving: Direct heating reduces heat loss and energy use.
  • Allergen-Free: No air circulation means fewer allergens, aiding allergy sufferers.

Nature of Infrared Heating

Everything, including humans, emits electromagnetic radiation. Infrared electric heating is natural, mirroring the sun’s warmth, a coal fire, and our body heat. With infrared heaters, you get sun-like warmth without harmful UV rays.

Why Choose Efficient Infrared Heaters?

  • Drafty Rooms: Ideal for spaces with drafts, high ceilings, or poor insulation. Unlike traditional heaters that warm the air, infrared heaters are more effective and economical in drafty conditions.
  • Instant Warmth: They provide immediate heat, making them great for seldom-used spaces or as a supplementary heat source on chilly days. They’re especially handy in bathrooms for quick warmth.
  • Mold Prevention: Infrared rays dry damp walls, preventing mold in heated areas.
  • Improved Air Quality: Unlike standard heaters that circulate dust, infrared heaters from OPRANIC maintain stable humidity, benefiting allergy sufferers.
  • Eco-Friendly & Silent: OPRANIC heaters are resource-efficient, emission-free, and quiet, promoting a greener future.
  • Hassle-Free Setup & Care: OPRANIC’s infrared electric heaters are simple to install and low-maintenance.

Infrared Heating Study by Leeds Beckett & Salford Universities, UK

Energy experts at Leeds Beckett and Salford Universities are investigating infrared heating systems for homes. They examine the advantages of infrared heating panels. As the UK aims for net-zero emissions, other heating options are also being considered. These include air-to-water heat pumps, hydrogen boilers, night storage heaters, and electric radiators. A mix of these alternatives may be necessary for the transition to net-zero emissions.

Professor Glew explained, “Infrared heaters are electric heating panels that emit some of their heat in the infrared frequency. The theory is that the user can heat the entire house to a lower temperature than normal, but still be comfortable. The goal of this project is to provide robust evidence of whether this theory can be put into practice in people’s homes, which could lead to lower energy use, lower heating costs, and fewer carbon emissions.”

Heating homes using infrared systems – new research to inform Government’s Net Zero mission | Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett and Salford Universities

Opranic develops and produces its own technology and key components, which results in excellent performance and efficiency with high quality and longevity.


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