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THOR S70 portable infrared heater in black with remote control and aluminum body, ideal for outdoor use.

S70 - THOR


Discover the pinnacle of portable outdoor heating with the THOR S70 Series. Boasting 2300W of power, this portable outdoor heater utilizes advanced IR-X Carbon Black technology for unmatched heat output. Its full-metal aluminum construction guarantees durability and a premium feel. The remote control offers five heat levels and a 9-hour timer for personalized comfort. Designed for versatility, the S70 features a specially crafted reflector for uniform heat distribution and integrated overheating protection. With an IP65 rating, it excels in dust and water resistance, making it perfect for outdoor use. Available in black or white, the S70 merges high performance, durability, and modern design. Experience the best with this portable outdoor heater - THOR S70!

Efficient and Comfortable Heating

Opranic THOR S70 Series Portable infrared heaters. The S70 has a robust construction and is equipped with IR-X Carbon Black technology for superior radiation performance. The specially designed reflector also provides even and comfortable heat distribution.

Outdoor Hospitality Spaces

Opranic infrared heaters have a technology that heats like the sun’s rays. It heats objects directly without heating the air in the environment, avoiding energy waste and retaining humidity. If you enjoy the warmth of the sun, then you will love the feeling you get from the Opranic infrared heater. It’s the ideal heating solution for outdoor restaurants, cafés, and any other hospitality establishment looking to extend their seating areas throughout the year.

Premium Build

This eco-friendly design further solidifies its commitment to sustainable practices. With IP65 water protection, THOR S70 is engineered to brave the elements. Rain or shine, you can confidently use this heater without worrying about water damage or electrical hazards.

Elevating Outdoor Comfort and Style

This premium electrical patio heater is designed to exceed your expectations and elevate your outdoor spaces to new levels of comfort and style. Notably, the THOR S70 is constructed to withstand continuous use day after day with full performance. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it a long-term investment for both residential and commercial settings.


Introducing the S70 Series, our pinnacle of engineering excellence and premium design. Elevate your experience with a powerhouse delivering 2300W of unmatched performance. Crafted entirely from high-grade aluminum, the S70 boasts a sleek full-metal body, eliminating all plastics for an exquisite, robust feel.

Advanced Technology

Engineered for exceptional performance and versatility, the S70 Series portable infrared heaters feature advanced IR-X Carbon Black technology for superior radiant heat output. The specially designed reflector ensures even and comfortable heat distribution.

User-Friendly Features

With a remote control offering five heat levels and a 9-hour timer, you can effortlessly adjust the settings to your preference. The integrated electronic overheating protection and aluminum casing ensure both durability and ease of use. Available in black (B) or white (W) to suit your style.

Unparalleled Durability

Experience unparalleled durability with an upgraded IP65 rating, providing superior protection against dust and water. With a well-balanced weight of 8.2kg, the S70 ensures optimal portability while standing solidly against the wind and other elements.

Outdoor Use

All stainless steel and IP65-certified, the S70 Series heaters are perfect for outdoor use. Stay warm with the unparalleled heat of the S70, the ultimate in power, durability, and sophisticated design.

Opranic develops and produces its own technology and key components, which results in excellent performance and efficiency with high quality and longevity.


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